Buma Contractor wan the Apartamenty Wielicka tender

Buma Contractor was selected as General Contractor for the “Apartamenty Wielicka” Investment located at Gornikow street in Cracow. WAN S.A. is the Investor.

Apartamenty Wielicka Stage II comprises of two residential buildings, A and B. They have one underground floor and six floors above ground level. Garages for the residential passenger vehicles, technical and maintenance rooms and storage rooms are located there. Business premises are located at ground floor. 121 flats are designed in the building, with size ranging from 26 sq. m to 59 sq. m.

Usage area – floors above ground level:

A Building – 2791.23 sq. m

B Building – 3015.10 sq. m

Usage area – underground floors:

A Garage – 1061.76 sq. m

B Garage - 1558,65 sq. m