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Przestrzenie Banacha Estate, Stage A1 – facade mock-up

Przestrzenie Banacha Estate, Stage A1 – facade mock-up

Facades of the buildings we construct are both the pride of the general contractor and the realisation of the designer’s vision of the entire estate’s architectural expression. When designing the Przestrzenie Banacha Estate in Cracow, the UCEES design office drew on the tradition of Cracow modernism with its typical elements such as light planes, simple window plane divisions, or simple steel railing.

To finish the building’s facade, Baumit-made thin-layer plaster was applied, following the rules of ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems). Due to the fact that the facade has an ornament in the form of a rhombus-shape geometric pattern, prior to commencing work, we made a mock-up of the combination of various plaster types and colours. Thanks to making such mock-up first, which is what we commonly do in our work, the end result is satisfying to each participant of the project implementation process.

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