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Dot Office A – E

total area of ​​the complex: 79,150 sqm
usable area to let: 41,180 sqm
garage area: 27,980 sqm
Building class: A.
designer: medusagroup
realization: 2014-2017



The Dot Office is an office complex with 100,000 square meters of modern office space. A characteristic feature of the buildings is an opaque, ventilated facade made of perforated sheet metal with hundreds of thousands of dots cut out to refer to the name of the complex. Each of the buildings has five above-ground floors with a reinforced concrete structure. On the top floors, technical zones have been separated, within which chillers, VRF units, smoke exhaust fans and air handling units are located. Biologically active areas were planned both in the form of greenery on natural ground and in the form of green roofs with an earth surface.