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Budynki C1 C2 B1 B2

total area: 15 250 sqm
usable floor area of ​​the apartments: 11 030 sqm
garage area: 6 480 sqm
number of apartments: 207
designer: Krakow Development Office
years of implementation: 2018-2021

Group 13

The Mate3ny is an estate that is being built in the extremely attractive district of Podgórze, in the area of Mateczne Roundabout. The construction is divided into three stages. Mate3czny consists of three- and four-storey buildings with underground multi-car garages, built as reinforced concrete with brickwork. Due to the high level of groundwater, the buildings were founded on a foundation slab based on soil stabilized from delivery. The facades made in the light-wet technology are characterized by neutral colors with stronger accents in the form of anthracite-colored balconies. Inverted flat roofs covered with extensive and intense greenery are an element that catches the eye.