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Park Club

Park Club

total area of ​​the complex: 16,000 sqm
usable area to let: 7,700 sqm
buildings class: A.
designer: Ns Moonstudio
realization: 2015-2017

Group 205

The Park Club is a commercial and apartment facility located in Błonia Park in Kraków, with three underground and seven overground storeys. The building has a direct foundation on the foundation slab. The structure of the building is a plate and column system with stiffening walls of communication shafts. Noteworthy is the façade, partly slightly inclined from the vertical, consisting of translucent and non-transparent glass panes, which intentionally create an interesting graphic finish, perfectly matching the green outdoor areas. The subject of the implementation also included the finishing and furnishing of the common parts, the entrance hall and the development of external areas.

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